Rennie Davis: Legend of the ‘60s

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Rennie Davis was the coordinator of America’s largest coalition of anti-war and civil rights organizations during the 1960s. He was a founder of Students for a Democratic Society, the most influential student organization of his generation. He organized the historic protest demonstration at the 1968 Democratic Convention described by a Presidential commission as a ‘police riot.’ This event shifted the majority of American public opinion against the Vietnam war. He also organized and directed the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history when a Washington, D.C. stadium was turned into a temporary prison for anti-war protesters.  


He was one of the Chicago 7, defendants in a political trial that captivated the American student community and the world’s attention. His leadership was also instrumental to a nationwide student strike in which 90% of American colleges and universities closed after four Kent State students were shot and killed by National Guard troops.

August 1968:  Chicago Riots—

The Whole World Is Watching (Crosby, Stills and Nash)

During the 1960s, he was a sought-after speaker at colleges and universities. During the six month trial of the Chicago 7, he spoke every night. An average audience was 5,000 people unless the governor called out the national guard which would push his public appearance into a stadium.

Today Rennie inspires audiences with the breathtaking frontline stories about the amazing American generation that was determined to change the world. He also astonishes with the assertion that the big event is not behind us in the 1960s but still right in front of us.

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